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If you are looking for some different career option apart from the regular degree then you may choose hospitality as your career.

A career in Hospitality Industry is very rewarding. It is quite exciting and challenging job. In this career, daily you get an opportunity to work and meet different people. This career offer immense satisfaction, good salary and bright future too.

What is Hospitality Industry?

Hospitality Industry is defined as service of providing accommodation, food, beverage and recreational services like health club, spa and lot more to the guest. Hospitality industry is not only limited to the hotels but it also include Airlines, Cruise lines, Restaurant, Ancillaries etc. In this industry career opportunities are not limited to our country but also provide the scope of making a career abroad as there are loads of hotels and restaurants chains which operates internationally.

Isn’t it great? You have plenty of options available for yourself in this Industry.

Did you know?

  • Hospitality Industry is directly proportionate to the tourism Industry.
  • More than 5 million annual tourists arrive in our country and around 562 million domestic tourists we have per year. This has given the boost to Hospitality Industry.
  • It is expected to generate around US $ 275 billion by next 10 years.
  • This Industry contributes 8.78% of total employment in our country

    Hence both hospitality and tourism Industry has vast potential and growth. Hospitality Industry began in early 1950’s and look at the growth of this dynamic Industry and with the growth of this industry the demand of well trained staff and quality personnel has also increased. Today loads of people go for business trips and leisure holidays and due to this, the hospitality Industry has become more challenging.

What are the advantages of doing hotel management?

  • Hotel management is a profession which will give you immense knowledge about food. Yes, you will learn to cook different cuisines from all over the world. This course will even give you perfect information about all kinds of beverages present in this world.
  • In this profession you get to meet and interact with new people on each and every day of your job which increase your confidence and help you to achieve charming personality.
  • Hotel management gives you the joy of serving people. As it is said “hotel-home away from home” when you help guest and make them feel comfortable it even help you to feel great.
  • Hotel management teaches you every basic thing which a human being should know like cleaning the rooms, or how to lay a table cover. It even teaches you how to greet a person and how to tackle difficult situations.
  • Hotel management industry is very interesting. It works 24×7 and most of the time some or the other celebrations take place here which makes it more interesting unlike corporate office which have almost same routines daily.
  • Hospitality management has less of job fatigue and associated boredom because it is all about facing new challenges in serving new guests every day.
  • Hotel management also teaches you about how to plan a budget for a party or a hotel, it also teaches you about flower arrangement and little bit of interior decoration.
  • You can make your career in any hospitality sector after doing this course Travel and tourism and airline companies often hire people with a hotel management background to deal with their clients.
  • This entire course covers all the detailed information about hotel and its functioning. You can even start up you own restaurant or venture after completing this course and can become a successful entrepreneur.
  • A career in hotel management in India would bring you closer to various cultures and beliefs, as various tourists visit here from all over the world.
  • Hotel industry needs to hire 40,000 more.
  • With the growing inventory of hotel rooms, and growing stand-alone restaurants, the hotel industry needs to hire a lot more, industry sources say. The new survey says that hotel industry would require another 60,000 people by end of this year. The hospitality industry hired 48,000 this year compared to 46000 hired in IT industry, according to Employment Trend survey.
  • Many top hotels chain in India are planning to double the room inventory from current years these hotels are planning to add few thousand rooms and as a thumb rule, in hotel industry if rooms increase man power requirement will also increase because each room require 1.75 men power. Large investment are taking place in hotel infrastructure in small as well as big cities, many new hotels have been approved which is creating plenty numbers of jobs at all the levels.