Get Selected to No. 2 Hotel Management Institute in India | NIPS

Selection Procedure

NIPS is a competitive college. Candidates who present the minimum requirements are not necessarily guaranteed acceptance. Your application should be carefully completed to give yourself the best possible advantage.

1. First evaluation

Once NIPS has received the complete application documents from the applicant, the same will be evaluated to determine whether applicant will be called for the online examination and selection interview.

2. Selection interview

Candidates are invited for the online examination, followed by selection interview at NIPS once they have submitted a complete application and the application has successfully passed the first evaluation.

The selection interview is an important part of our evaluation procedure. It is not a test or an evaluation of your knowledge. Our aim is to get to know the candidate better, so that we can find out whether our school is really the right one for him / her – and also whether he / she is the right student for us.

No special preparation is necessary for the interview, but one should of course think carefully about choice of career and reasons for applying to NIPS and be prepared to answer questions about them.

3. Final decision

The Admission Board will make the final decision whether to admit the contender to NIPS after reviewing application file, online examination result and the report from your interview.

Selected candidates will be able to learn the decision within couple of days of the interview date on our website. Results will be disseminated on phone as well. An offer letter will also be sent in favour of the selected candidates at the mentioned address on the application form.