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Message From Chairman

Mr. P.D. Pathak, Chairman, NIPS Group
Ex. V.P.(H.R),NICCO Group

It is rightly pointed out in ‘UPANISHAD’,

“You are what your deep driving desire is, As your desire is so is your will, As is your will so is your act, As is your act so is your destiny.”

Our mother land India is now being considered as one of the emerging superpowers because of certain global competitive edge. The inter exchange of economy with the world, due to deregulation, privatization, liberalization, retailization & globalization is happening in India because of knowledge market. This demands a professional and globally acclaimed set of courses for techno-commercial generation of 21st Century.

NIPS Group is an academy with a difference. It coalesces and puts into practice the latest trends and techniques with the age-old, rich cultural heritage of India.

We believe that knowledge, skill & attitude should go hand in hand. The demand of digital economy today is not just to amass the knowledge given in books but to build up the individual skill so that their attitude towards career is changed. We groom our students in a lively proactive environment so that they are equipped to challenge the dynamic global business scenario. To get hands on experience, NIPS organises Industrial projects & Summer training, Symposium and Guest lectures for students. Workshops on Soft-skill like Time, Team & Stress management groom our students for the all round personality development. Debating competition gives a platform to our students where they overcome their inhibitions & express their views confidently.

NIPS provides a unique schooling beyond the curriculum, conceiving a learning environment which allows the students to develop creativity, work ethic, leadership, languages, cosmopolitan experience and exposure and many other key life skills that are essential to future success, both personal and professional.

We welcome all who would share our commitment and conviction for developing their career to a level where they are satisfied. We will not only enhance their over all competence but also make them aspire to be the best in life.